Join us in our mission as we endeavor to help needy patients lead more hopeful and meaningful lives. We invite you to help us by participating in our social activities and fund-raising.

Here are some suggestions:

Write to the media to raise awareness about the health needs of the marginalized communities in Lebanon

You can make a difference to the lives of our patients by volunteering with the HCS. Contact us for further information.

Send a donation (in cash or in kind)

Cheques / Trasnfer should be made payable to the order of :

Account Name: Health Care Fund
First National Bank, Hamra Branch, Beirut, Lebanon
Account #: 0001-109504-002
IBAN: LB33 0108 0000 0000 0011 0950 4002
Swift Code: FINKLBBE


* Send a donation to support our various activities.
* Sponsor a patient for US$50-100 monthly.
* Earmark your donation to support a specific treatment.
* Earmark your donation for a new Haemodialysis Centre.
* Join the HCS mailing list for updates
* Download the below sheet and send it back to us

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