15 months old, a Palestinian refugee coming from Syria, suffers from a congenital heart problem and needs an urgent surgery to restore and close a hole in her little heart. Health Care Society contributed to save her life. She performed the operation and enjoying a healthy life now.

Hala Al Abdallah

Foundation and Background
The Palestinian refugees in the camps in Lebanon suffer from high unemployment rates as they are prohibited from working in many domains in the Republic of Lebanon. The majority are workers on daily or seasonal basis as in agriculture. 11.2% of this population suffers from hardship cases. This is the highest rate compared to refugees in other countries due to the lack of socio-economic integration of refugees in Lebanon. In addition 56% of the Palestinian refugees are under 25 years of age, indicating a young population.
Consensus of December 2012, showed that the number of registered refugees in Lebanon reached 474,050, 57% of which is distributed over 12 camps. According to UNRWA statistics, more than 32% of the Palestinian Refugees suffer from chronic diseases. Furthermore, the cost of health care in Lebanon continues to escalate leading to further deterioration in the health of the residents.
Hence, Health Care Society was founded in 1995 and was registered legally with the Ministry of Interior in 1997, under the registration number AD/156.

Its mission is to provide health security to the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon.

•  Contribute towards costs of secondary and tertiary medical care for Palestinian refugees while ensuring quality care.
•  Support emergency cases that are not covered by any other institution.
•  Support chronic disease patients.
•  Support end stage kidney disease patients at the kidney dialysis center in Hamshari hospital- Saida.
•  Engage in evidence-based advocacy to promote high quality and more dignified health care of Palestinian refugee (quality control)
•   Provide health awareness.
•  Provide medications and medical supplies according to needs.

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