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In-Kind Donation Program

Health Care Society / In-Kind Donation Program

In-Kind Donation Program

HCS supports Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by providing essential medications and supplies that optimize their health. From antibiotics to wheelchairs, toothbrushes to inhalers, HCS has been working closely with its donors and partners for more than 12 years to secure these important items. The main donors are ANERA and UPA, as well as Hikma pharmaceuticals. The main recipient partners of the medications and medical supplies are:

  • Beit Atfal Assomoud
  • Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS)
  • Human Call Association
  • Al Shifaa Clinic
  • Dar Al Ajaza

This program has become especially critical during these past few years, during which the Lebanese financial crisis led to widespread medication shortages. HCS is working hard to continue the in-kind donations program despite these challenges.


March 18, 2022


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