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Surgeries & Hospitalizations

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Surgeries & Hospitalizations

Surgeries and hospitalizations can be a significant source of mental, physical, and financial stress for anyone. The lack of healthcare coverage intensifies this stress for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The objective of this program is to help ease the financial burden associated with surgeries and hospitalizations. This is particularly important when refugees face unexpected medical emergencies requiring urgent or life-saving surgery or hospitalization.

The program covers both adults and children. There is no restriction on the type of surgery or the reason for hospital admission. HCS works with hospitals all over Lebanon to ensure that beneficiaries have the best post-operative outcomes. The most common types of surgeries funded are cardiovascular, orthopedic, and general surgeries. HCS pays up to 20% of the total hospital bill (maximum of $2,500 per case) thanks to grants from Taawon, NORWAC, and UPA.


March 18, 2022


Surgeries and Hospitalizations


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